Munic & Elsewhere / Faust (1986)

Munic & Elsewhere / Faust (1986)
Label: Recommended Records (UK)
Catalog#: RR / 25
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Remastered 

Credits: Compiled from various unreleased tapes intended for release, including work done after their "disappearance".
Remastered at Cold Storage by Bill Gilonis. Cut by Tim Young at CBS. Pressed by Statetune.
Cover drawn by Louis O'Neil of Cultural Partnerships Ltd.; linographic print by Jim and Norman of Computer Graphics Factory; screened by Third Step Printworks.

Notes: First 1000 copies on white vinyl. Recorded 1975 at Arabella, Munic.

A1: Munic / Yesterday  11:52
A2: Don't Take Roots  4:49
A3: Meer  2:43
B1: Munic / Other  11:47
B2: Baby  4:18
B3: We Are The Hallo Men  4:29

粗野な反復とDream Machine的覚醒。そうか此れはCut Upだったのだ。

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Thanks, min-min san! Your readers will find more rare Faust (including Faust V, the rare Virgin promotional cassette partially covered here, and your Faust posts too) indexed in my megapost over at edo's: http://knowyourconjurer.blogspot.com/2010/12/faust-mega-post-by-dave-sez-go-get-you.html. Cheers and thanks, Dave Sez.

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