The Last LP / Faust (1988)
Label: ReR Megacorp (UK)
Catalog#: ReR 36
Format: Vinyl, LP (Limited Edition)

Being the unreleased "Faust Party" tapes (some of which have appeared previously on limited edition collector's eps and singles, and three of which have never previously appeared at all). 
Recorded in Germany in 1971.

Notes: First edition limited to 1988 numbered copies with a silkscreened jacket. Later an unnumbered second edition was done with different colors used for the screen printing of the cover.
"Party 7" is not mentioned on the sleeve, but is listed on the labels.

A1: Party 2
A2: Party 8
A3: Psalter
A4: Party 7
A5: Party 5
B1: Party 1
B2: Party 3
B3: Party 6
B4: Party 4

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Thanks, min-min san! Your readers will find more rare Faust (and your Faust posts) indexed in my megapost over at edo's: http://knowyourconjurer.blogspot.com/2010/12/faust-mega-post-by-dave-sez-go-get-you.html. Cheers and thanks, Dave Sez.

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