A Factory Quartet / Various (1980)

A Factory Quartet / Various (1980) 
Label: Factory (UK)
Catalog#: FACT 24
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP

Credits: Produce by Martin Hannett (A1-A4, D1-D6) 
Jake Milton (C1-C4)

Track A1 to A3 engineered at Strawberry Studios, Stockport. 
Track B1 to B3 were performed at Leeds University in May 1980 on the Sylvia Plath Comeback Tour, the rest at the Moonlight West Hamstead in April 1980. 
Track C1 to C4 produced at home. 
Job on track D1 to D6 carried out at Graveyard Prestwich and Strawberry, Stockport. 

"Polaroid-style" gatefold sleeve and inner sleeves. 

A1: The Durutti Column - For Mimi
A2: The Durutti Column - For Belgian Friends
A3: The Durutti Column - Self-portrait

B1: Kevin Hewick - Rubble
B2: Kevin Hewick - 1940
B3: Kevin Hewick - A Little Feeling
B4: Kevin Hewick - Forget
B5: Kevin Hewick - Morphia
Noise Generator by Peter Terel
B6: Kevin Hewick - The Enchanted Kiss
B7: Kevin Hewick - Haystack

C1: Blurt - Puppeteer
C2: Blurt - Dyslexia
C3: Blurt - Some Come
C4: Blurt - Benighted

D1: The Royal Family And The Poor - Dirge
D2: The Royal Family And The Poor - Vaneigem Mix
D3: The Royal Family And The Poor - Dirge
D4: The Royal Family And The Poor - Death Factory
D5: The Royal Family And The Poor - Dirge
D6: The Royal Family And The Poor - Rackets

恐らくThe Durutti Columnの公式ライブ音源としては最初のリリースではないだろうか。The Durutti Column以外のアーティストは此れ以前のリリースは無い。ほぼ無名なアーティストだけで2枚組とは今では到底考えられないが、音楽の知識も愛情も無い上に迎合する事しか能の無い音楽屋は、此のぐらいの気骨を持てよ。

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Vaughanography さんのコメント...

Sorry to be a bother again, but Kevin Hewick's Rubble from Side B isn't working, corrupted. The rest of that file is fine, just the one track.

匿名 さんのコメント...

Thanks! Been searching for this one a while (the Kevin Hewick tracks, more specific).

Superb blog and good taste to bother!

Kenny さんのコメント...

Royal Family and the Poor, found and named by Tony Wilson of Factory(RIP),come away with a live set that blows away many . And the humour is endless("Poetry is a racket", etc, in the wild, unconscious lyrics). Nice to have this again, many thanks! Cresh

BCR さんのコメント...

thanx for sharing!

ORMUS さんのコメント...


Any possibility of a repost?

Would be most grateful.

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