Colourbox / Colourbox (1985)

Colourbox / Colourbox (1985)
Label: Vertigo (Canada)
Catalog#: VOG-1-3356
Format: 2 x Vinyl (LP)

Credits: All Instruments by S. & M. Young 
Produced by M. Young (A1 to A5, B2 to B5)
Engineered by John Madden, Jon Turner, Rico
Recorded at Palladium, Guerilla, Rooster and Maison Rouge. 
Mixed at Guerilla, Rooster and Maison Rouge. 
Engineered at Palladium, Guerilla and Rooster. 
B5: Mixed at R.G. Jones. 

Vocals - Lorita Grahame 
Design by 23 Envelope

A1: Sleepwalker
A2: Just Give 'Em Whiskey
A3: Say You
A4: The Moon Is Blue
A5: Inside Informer
B1: Punch
B2: Suspicion
B3: Manic
B4: You Keep Me Hanging On
B5: Arena
C1: Edit The Dragon
C2: Hipnition
C3: We Walk Around The Streets
C4: Arena 2
D1: Manic 2
D2: Fast Dump
D3: Sexgun

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