Stations Of The Crass / Crass (1980)

Stations Of The Crass / Crass (1980)
Label: Crass Records (UK)
Catalog#: 521984
Format:  Vinyl, 2x12"LP

Credits: See Discogs

Sides 1/2/3 Recorded at Southern Studios, London, 11th August 1979. (45 RPM)
Side 4 recorded by Real Time at Pied Bull, Islington, London, 7th August 1979. (33 ⅓ RPM)

A1: Mother Earth
A2: White Punks On Hope
A3: You've Got Big Hands
A4: Darling (Vocals - Eve Libertine)
A5: System
A6: Big Man, Big M.A.N.
A7: Hurry Up Garry
B1: Fun Going On (Vocals - Pete Wright)
B2: Crutch Of Society
B3: Heard Too Much About
B4: Chairman Of The Bored
B5: Tired (Vocals - Pete Wright)
B6: Walls (Piano - G, Vocals - Joy De Vivre)
B7: Upright Citizen (Vocals - Pete Wright)
C1: The Gasman Cometh
C2: Demoncrats (Vocals - Eve Libertine)
C3: Contaminational Power
C4: Time Out
C5: I Ain't Thick, It's Just A Trick
D1: System
D2: Big Man, Big M.A.N.
D3: Banned From The Roxy
D4: Hurry Up Garry
D5: Time Out
D6: They've Got A Bomb
D7: Fight War, Not Wars
D8: Women (Vocals - Joy De Vivre)
D9: Shaved Women (Vocals - Eve Libertine)
D10: You Pay (Vocals - Pete Wright)
D11: Heard Too Much About
D12: Angels
D13: What A Shame
D14: So What
D15: G's Song
D16: Do They Owe Us A Living?
D17: Punk Is Dead

「Anarchy Peace and Freedom」もはや彼らの音楽に熱中する事は困難だが、うっかり20年近く忘れていた此の言葉だけは改めて心に刻もう。

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