Funeral In Berlin / Throbbing Gristle (1981)

Funeral In Berlin / Throbbing Gristle (1981)
Label: Zensor (Germany)
Catalog#: Zensor 01
Format: Vinyl, LP (Bootleg)

Credits: The cover art is by Val Denham 1981
This album was recorded live in Berlin on 7 & 8 November 1980 at the SO 36 Club in Berlin on a Digital Recording Facility, a Turkish circumcision ceremony preceded the events.

Seite 1 (Side A)
Stained By Dead Horses / Trained Condition Of Obedience / Zero's Death
Seite 2 (Side B)
Nomon / Raudive Bunker Experiment / Denial Of Death / Funeral In Berlin / Trade Deficit

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