Euroman Cometh / J.J. Burnel (1979)

Euroman Cometh / J.J. Burnel (1979)
Label: United Artists Records (Japan)
Catalog#: GP 721
Format: Vinyl, LP

Brian James - Guitar
Lew Lewis - Harmonica
Carey Fortune - Drums
Pete Howells - Drums (A3, A5, B1)
Triumph Bonneville - Drums (B3)

Produced by J. J. Burnel and Alan Winstanley
Enginnered by Alan Winstanley, except (A2, B3), by J. J. Burnel and Martin Rushaent.
Recorded and Mixed in London, 1978
Photographs of Pompidou Centre, Paris by Allan Ballard
Sleeve Concept by J. J. Burnel, Map: Tracy Gerard, Design Co-ordination: Kevin Sparrow

A1: Euroman
A2: Jellyfish
A3: Freddie Laker (Concorde & Eurobus)
A4: Euromess
A5: Deutschland Nicht Über Alles
B1: Do The European
B2: Tout Comprendre
B3: Triumph (Of The Good City)
B4: Pretty Face
B5: Crabs
B6: Eurospeed (Your Own Speed)

現在もThe StranglersのBassistであり、士道館空手ロンドン支部長である"Jean-Jacques Burnel"の1st ソロアルバム。当時のヨーロッバ情勢がテーマ(やはりアメリカは悪者、だろ?w)だが、此のアルバムも過小評価されているモノの一つだ。明確な意志と個性に柔軟な思考(ビジョン)があれば、優れたモノが創れるという見本である。加えてさらに優れた点は(The Stranglersも同じだが)、それがポピュラーミュージックであるという事。泥臭い事も平均点以上に出来てイイ仕事は成立するのだ。同時期にリリースした"Hugh Cornwell(ex:The Stranglers)& Robert Williams"とを聴き比べるのも面白い。どちらもやるべき事をやった大人の仕事w。

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Good one, min-min! However, Euroman cometh was re-released combined with a gig officially recorded for a planned live Burnel LP that came to nothing. Here it is with some details:

JJ Burnel's 1979 solo debut Euroman Cometh.

Tracks 1-11 are the original album.
Track 12 was the B-side to the Freddie Laker single.
And tracks 13-21 were recorded live at Hemel Hempstead, 25.04.79.

01 Euroman
02 Jellyfish
03 Freddie Laker (Concorde and Eurobus)
04 Euromess
05 Deutschland Nicht Uber Alles
06 Do the European
07 Tout Comprendre
08 Triumph (Of the Good City)
09 Pretty Face
10 Crabs
11 Eurospeed (Your Own Speed)
12 Ozymandias
13 Ode to Joy / Do the European
14 Deutschland Nicht Uber Alles
15 Eurospeed (Your Own Speed)
16 Crabs
17 Tout Comprendre
18 Freddie Laker (Concorde and Eurobus)
19 Jellyfish
20 Triumph (Of The Good City)
21 Euroman

from http://gimpo.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/beatles/1120893246/316-416

Apr-May 79 J.J. Burnel Euroman Tour UK
Apr 15 J.J. Burnel Glasgow, Scotland - Pavillion
Apr 16 J.J. Burnel Manchester, UK - Apollo
Apr 17 J.J. Burnel Liverpool, UK - Erics
Apr 18 J.J. Burnel Derby, UK - Assembly Rooms
Apr 20 J.J. Burnel Birmingham, UK - Digbeth Civic Hall
Apr 21 J.J. Burnel Brighton, UK - Dome
Apr 22 J.J. Burnel Bristol, UK - Locarno
Apr 23 J.J. Burnel Canterbury, UK - Odeon
Apr 24 J.J. Burnel Portsmouth, UK - Odeon
Apr 25 J.J. Burnel Hemel Hempstead, UK - Pavilion (note: recorded by United Artists)
Apr 26 J.J. Burnel Newcastle, UK - Mayfair
Apr 27 J.J. Burnel Edinburgh, UK - Odeon
Apr 28 J.J. Burnel Bradford, UK - St. Georges Hall
Apr 29 J.J. Burnel Ilford, UK - Odeon (note: JJ and John Ellis in punch-up; Ellis vows to never work with JJ Burnel again)
Apr 30 J.J. Burnel London, UK - Theatre Royal CANCELLED

Also see http://punkfriction.blogspot.com/search/label/JJ%20Burnel

for a couple of rare Burnel singles, and


Cheers, Dave Sez.

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Thanks min-min! You'll soon find a JJ Burnel mega-post over at knowyourconjurer.blogspot.com. Cheers, Dave Sez.

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Here ya go:


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