Madchester Rave On E.P. / Happy Mondays (1989)

Madchester Rave On E.P. / Happy Mondays (1989)
Label: Factory (UK)
Catalog#: Fac 242
Format: Vinyl, 12"(EP)

Recorded September - October 1989 The Manor
Tracks Engineered by Hugo Nicholson, Assistant by Calum Sharpe
Programmed and Recorded by Laurence Diana, Assistant by Calum
Mixdown The Manor
Engineered by Laurence Diana
Produced by Martin Hannett for Jay Hatt
Central Station Design

A1: Hallelujah   6:21
A2: Holy Ghost   2:49
B1: Clap Your Hands   3:29
B2: Rave On   6:12

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