Nosferatu / Hugh Cornwell & Robert Williams (1979)

Nosferatu / Hugh Cornwell & Robert Williams (1979)
Label: United Artists Records (Japan)
Catalog#: GP 778
Format: Vinyl, LP

H.A. Cornwell - Vocals(A2, A3, A4), Guitars, Slide Guitar, Chamberlin Mellotron, Moog Bass, Bass, Calliope, Prophet Synthesiser.

R. Williams - Vocals(A1), Drums, Bass, Tamatoms bass, Moog Bass, Guitar, Whistle,  Waterphone, Syndrums, Bass Marimbas, Parede Drums, Rototoms, Tubelar Bells, Percussion.

Ian Underwood - Yamaha Synthesiser (A1, A3, A4 on intro), Soprano Sax (B1 on intro) , Moog Synthesiser (B1 on solo).

Mark Mothersbaugh (DEVO) - Prophet Synthesiser, Vocals.
Bob Mothersbaugh (DEVO) - Guitar, Backing Vocals.

David Walldroop - Guitar, Rhythm Guitar.
A.N. Russian - Intro Voice.
Duncan Poundcake - Fairground Barker
Various People - Crowd.
Various Puppets - Puppet Chant.

Recorded in Undead Los Angeles Dec.'78-Jan.'79, march & April'79; at: Village Records, Cherokee Studios, Britannia Studios, Davlin Studios, Sunset Studios. and in London April'79 - Mothra at:- Eden Studios.
Recording Engineers:- Joe Chicarelli (Alan Winstanley for Mothra)
Mix Engineers:- Alan Winstanley & Steve Churchyard. Mixed at:- Air Studios, London April'79
Produced by Hugh Cornwell & Robert Williams.
This Album is dedicated to the memory of Max Schreck.
Front Cover:- Still from "Nosferatu"1922 dir. F.W. Murnau
Back Cover:- Photograph by Ben J. Adams
Inner Sleeve Mask: Hanya by Yasha, Kanze coll.
Sleeve Concept:- Hugh Cornwell
Design:- Rocking Russian

A1: Nosferatu
A2: Losers In A Lost Land
A3: White Room  (Written by Jack Bruce & Peter Brown)
A4: Irate Caterpillar
A5: Rhythmic Itch
B1: Wired
B2: Big Bug
B3: Mothra
B4: Wrong Way Round
B5: Puppets

生物学の博士号を持ち、当時The Stranglers: Vocal & Guitarだった"Hugh Corwell"と、後期(当時)Captain Beefheart: Drumsだった"Robert Williams"の共作アルバム。エラくカッコイイCreamのA3はシングルカットされ売れた。
本作はドラキュラ映画「Nosferatu(1922)」をモチーフとし、ドラキュラの概念にある恐怖と人が感じる恐怖に基づいて作られたとライナーにあるが、そんな事よりゲストが凄い。The Mothers of Invention: keyboardsの"Ian Underwood"に、Devoの"Mark Mothersbaugh"とBob1号こと"Bob Mothersbaugh"である。おまけに"Ian Dury"がDuncan Poundcakeの変名で参加。Devoの二人が全面参加のA5は、DevoそのものでMarkの声が如何に独特かを再認識した。先日アップのEuroman Cometh / J.J. Burnel (1979)と聴き比べると初期Post Punkのあらましが炙り出されて来る。


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