Discreet Campaigns / Various (1985)

Discreet Campaigns / Various (1985)

Label: Rorschach Testing Product (UK)
Catalog#: ROR 1
Format: Cassette

Credits: Artwork - Mick Lowe, Typesetting - Beds Graphics
Engineer - Ian Trundle, Jo King
Photography - Bunger, Chris Craske, Jeff Veitch, John Walters, Mick Lowe, Richard Mann

Notes: Engineered at Sin City, Nottingham
Presented in clear vinyl pouch with 20 page booklet profiling each artist.

Side A
01. The First Thing You Ever Said To Me (Edit) / John Marc Gowans
02. Stay / Eyeless In Gaza
03. This Heat / The Flamingos
04. Torn Calendar / The Wake
05. The Mentor Will Rise / Corpaelia
06. Pale Clouded White / Cocteau Twins
07. What's The World (Live) / James
08. James Is / The Decemberists
09. Bullet / Furniture
10. Echo Wreck / Dif Juz
11. The Faintest Sound / Kevin Mcdermott

Side B
01. Shiver / Chris & Cosey
02. End Users / Actors And Famous People
03. And With Disease (Live) /Resistance
04. Return To Activity / John Marc Gowans
05. Weakness And Fever / The Durutti Column
06. Optimism (Electro Version) /Life
07. Everybody Has Bad Dreams / Spiral Staircase
08. Preface And Hostilities / Ganzheit
09. Sunrise (Instrumental Rough Mix) /New Order

*Side A: 04 and Side B: 07 was damaged.

美麗なパッケージを施されたNew WaveあるいはPost Punkなコンピレーション。
しかし、微妙に豪華なこの面子。何曲かはCD化済みだが、James、New Orderは未発表。その他コレでしか知らないアーティストのイイ曲もあったりする。結構なボリュームなので、AB面を分けてアップ。

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ROOKSBY さんのコメント...

I have to admit that I've never heard of this cassette before... but it looks absolutely terrific!

If there's any chance you might be able to update the links at some point please let me know, I'd really appreciate it. :)

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