Mittnacht Bahnhof Cafe Nostalgia / Wire (1979)

Mittnacht Bahnhof Cafe Nostalgia / Wire (1979)

Label: Democrazy Records (Germany)
Catalog#: DR 006
Format: Vinyl, LP (Bootleg)

Notes: Recorded live Hull Tiffanys July 3rd, 1979
Dedicated To Franz Kafka

Sleeve design are printed on the sleeve of Boyd Rice's on Mute reprinted LP - Stumm 004

demo Side
A1: Go Ahead
A2: Ally In Exile
A3: Relationship
A4: Beeing Sucked In Again
A5: Safe Lorry
A6: Wanted To Go
A7: Midnight Bahnhof Cafe

B1: Underwater Experiences
B2: Blessed State
B3: Two People In A Room
B4: I Should Have Known Better
B5: A Question Of Degree
B6: Our Swimmer
B7: I Am The Fly
B8: Too Late


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