Ninotchka / Tuxedomoon (1982)

Ninotchka / Tuxedomoon (1982) TWI 055

Label: Les Disques Du Crepuscule (Belgium)
Catalog#: TWI 055
Format: Vinyl, 12"

Because she's just danced a ballet scored by Maurice Bejart with original music by Tuxedomoon 'Ninotchka'.

Excerpt of the ballet 'DIVINE' directly inspired by the action and conduct of Greta Garbo.
Miss Garbo, a swedish beauty who reached Hollwood september 1925 via the director Moje Stiller. From 'Torrent' to 'Ninotchka', crossing over nearly two decades, her strange 'inner' appeal has been perfectly captured on screen for MGM by the most famous film derectors. Ernst Lubitsch's Ninotchka, a sparkling cocktail of sex, society and politics was her next to last performance. In 1941, MGM released 'The Two Faced Woman' featuring a piquant Garbo absorbed by a more 'sensoriel' lifestyle. The premiere hit New york one month after Pearl Harbor. Greta, overwhelmed by the disastrous reception, vanished for ever.

Written, Arranged and Produced by Tuxedomoon.
Cover art by Hannebert.

Factory Records & Peter Saville。Crepuscule & Benoît Hennebert。

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