The Together Mix / Vini Reilly (1991)

The Together Mix / Vini Reilly (1991)
FAC 284

Label: Factory Records (UK)
Catalog#: FAC 284
Format: Vinyl, 12"

Credits: Design by 8vo

Contains insert with painting and note "For John and Emma". John (Jonathon Donaghy) was the best mate of Suddi Raval and Emma, his girlfriend did some backing vocals but they both died in a car accident before completion of the release.

A1: The Together Mix / Remix - Together (Jonathon Donaghy & Suddi Raval)
B1: Contra-Indications (Album Version) / Computed and Engineered by Andy Robinson
B2: Fridays (Up-Person Mix) / Mix - Vini Reilly and Paul Miller

The Durutti Columnではなく、Vini Reillyでの12"シングル。当然1stやBrian Enoもお気に入りの"LC"には及ばないが、コレもなかなか。上記Notesの悲しい出来事をあえて払拭するような清々しさ。

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