Read Only Memory / Chrome (1979)

Read Only Memory / Chrome (1979)

Label: Siren Records, Red Records (US)
Catalog#: DE·SEC·444, RS 12·002
Format: Vinyl, 12"

Credits: Produced by Damon Edge
Original Soundtrack from READ ONLY MEMORY
Manufactured and distributed by Red Records, London

A1: You Can't See Them - They Can't Touch You
A2: Inacontact
A3: Read Only Memory
B1: In Front Of The Crowd
B2: I Am The Jaw

Half Machine Lip Movesを超えるものは無いが、Alien Soundtracksとこのミニアルバムは素晴らしい。内容のみならずジャケット及びポスターまでもが、その幼稚な暴力に満ちあふれている。

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icastico さんのコメント...

Great record. I'll have to dig out my copy.

You may enjoy some of the stuff over at my place


min - min さんのコメント...


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