Earcom 2 - Various (1979)

Earcom 2 - Various (1979)

Label: Fast Product (UK)
Catalog#: FAST 9b
Format: Vinyl, 12" (EP)

A1: Thursdays - Perfection
A2: Basczax - Celluloid Love
A3: Basczax - Karleearn Photography

B1: Joy Division - Auto-suggestion
B2: Joy Division - From Safety To Where…?
B3: Thursdays - (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay

Earcom 1 は傷だらけで聴くに堪えず Rip 断念。それに収録の The Prats は単に聴くに堪えないんだが。繰り上げで Joy Division 入りの此れをどうぞ。

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