Rarities / Brian Eno (1983)

Rarities / Brian Eno (1983)

Label: Editions EG (US)
Catalog#: ENOX 1
Format: Vinyl, 12"(EP)

According to the notes on the Working Backwards boxset, this is an "EP... 2 early singles and some unfinished pieces." It was solely made available in the Working Backwards boxset.

All tracks by Eno, except A2 by Linda/Campbell-Feretti/Creatore/Weiss/Stanton and B1, B2, B3 by Eno/Daniel Lanois/Roger Eno.
All instruments on Tracks A1 & A2 are performed by Eno (as per the original 7" releases).

A1: Seven Deadly Finns
A2: The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)
B1: Strong Flashes Of Light
B2: More Volts
B3: Mist / Rhythm

Brian Peter George St John Le Baptiste De La Salle Eno、通称 Brian Eno にオレはなりたい。同年にリリースの11枚組BOX "Working Backwards: 1983-1973"に付属の未発表曲集。

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