Lucky Beatniks (Rough Trade Compilation) / Various (1983)

Lucky Beatniks / Various (1983)

Label: Tokuma Japan Corporation (Japan)
Catalog#: 25J-102 (LP: 25RTL-2)
Format: Cassette

A1: Aztec Camera - Oblivious
A2: Mackey Feary & Night Life - Don't Change Your Mind Tonight
A3: Lora Logic - Wonderful Offer
A4: Aztec Camera - Walk Out to Winter
A5: Maximum Joy - Do It Today

B1: Cosmetic - Get Ready
B2: Scritti Politti - Sex
B3: Pig bag - The Pig Bean
B4: Brother Noland - Love Birds
B5: David Gamson - Sugar Sugar

After Punk & New Wave 以降、阿呆の様に流行したダンサブルなコンピレーション。こんな物までリリースされて日本のリスナーは Rough Trade の音源に恵まれてたな、と感慨深いが、此の能天気さに面食らう。当時はLPの存在しか知らなかったが、全く買う気にならず、昨年ヤフオクにてカセットテープ版を500円で購入。サクサクッとトータル約45分で案外良い。

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Interesting to see Bother Noland and Mackey Feary on here. I can't remember Rough Trade releasing any of their tunes, but I guess that the label may have been planning a Hawaii compilation. fantastic blog by the way

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