Richard Hell & The Voidoids / Funhunt : Live At CBGB's And Max's 1978 And 1979 (1990)

Richard Hell & The Voidoids / Funhunt : Live At CBGB's And Max's 1978 And 1979 (1990)

Label: ROIR (Reachout International Records)(US)
Catalog#: A-172
Format: Cassette

Credits: Art - Gary Panter
Liner Notes - Lester Meyers 10/2/89 (Hell Interview)
A1, A3, A6 to A8, B1, B2 recorded 6/22/79 at CBGB, NYC.
A2, B3 to B6, B8 recorded 6/30/78 at Max's Kansas City, NYC.
A5, B7 recorded at Max's Kansas City, NYC 8/18/78.
A4 recorded at Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco, March 1985.

Notes: Compiled by Richard Hell

A1: Love Comes In Spurts
A2: I'm Free
A3: Funhunt
A4: Lowest Common Dominator
A5: Staring In Her Eyes
A6: You Gotta Lose
A7: Crosstown Traffic
A8: Liars Beware

B1: Don't Die
B2: Ignore That Door
B3: Walking On The Water
B4: Ventilator Blues
B5: Blank Generation
B6: I Wanna Be Your Dog
B7: Hell Has Left The Building
B8: All The Way

惜しむらくは Robert Quine のギターがもう聴けないという事。合掌。

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